The IFBB World Qualifier has come and gone and I have been meaning to give you all an update since getting back from Winnipeg.

I also had every intention on keeping you up to date on prepping for the show, but to be completely honest, the road to the World Qualifier was the toughest prep for me. It was a hard road and most days I wanted to quit; I have NEVER ever wanted to quit before a show, because I always had the attitude that failure was never an option.

I had some serious stuff come up in my personal life that kept me emotionally and sometimes physically ill, and even though I trained the hardest I had ever trained there was days that I had nothing left in me. It felt like one step forward two steps back.

I struggled to stay focused and deal with the things that were falling apart around me, all the while running my personal training business and being a mom. Let me tell you, it was not fun. The stress really hindered my progress and even though I was working so hard, results were not showing.

Even though I wanted to quit I felt like I couldn’t because I knew that that decision would not make me feel better but would only make me feel worse about myself. I couldn’t let myself down. I had support of some great friends, my amazing trainer Darren Mehling, My new sponsors BODYBUILDING.COM sponsoring my trip, the family at Magnum Nutraceuticals backing me up and even a gorgeous suite made by the AMAZING Colleen (The Suit Lady), ALL these incredible people believing in me. There was no way I was about to let anyone or myself down so I pushed through and came out with a 3rd placing which I am thrilled about.

I am still dealing with a lot at the moment but I am also learning and growing with every experience good or bad…

Here are a few things I have learned along the way:

  • Give yourself a break! When you’re struggling in life don’t be so hard on yourself, give yourself time and be with yourself, feel what you’re feeling. Beating yourself up over things doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • Be grateful! This I am learning is absolutely key to a happy life, the more grateful we are to what we have the more wonderful things we get. Be grateful for the simple things in life, these are the things that truly matter.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts. It takes 17 seconds for a thought to sprout another negative thought, and if you allow yourself to go there, you end up in a tornado of negativity before you know it.
  • People ALWAYS come in and out of our lives for a reason, trust in that, it’s all part of the journey.
  • “Even if the path is blurry, keep walking.” If you just focus on what you know you want, then the picture of your life will be crystal clear.


I am so grateful for my life, the good and the bad! I am also really grateful you took the time to read my post.

With love and health…


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